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Store Policy

Warranty period
Initial failure warranty

Within one week from delivery, you are eligible for initial failure warranty. If within one week from the delivery of goods, there is a problem such as, product is uninstallable, it is corrupt or it does not work.
The company is responsible and will repair or replace the product.
For problems that cannot be resolved or repaired it is also possible to return the goods.

Product warranty

Guaranteed within one year from the original purchase of items, providing mileage has not exceeded 20,000 km in that period.
The shop receipt or invoice (in the case of online purchase) serves as proof of date of purchase and is needed for claims. Please keep it in a safe place.

About returns


Within one week from delivery


  • The product is in the condition it was received including accessories, manual, warranty card, etc.
  • That it is not in use


If the product is returned because of the customer's circumstances, you pay 10% of product list price. This is a restocking fee for re-examination and re-packing.

Limited Warranty

■ Under usual circumstances, repair or replacement free of charge for any faults that occur within the warranty period, during normal use

■ The warranty period is as stated above

■ The company must be able to confirm your purchase. Please note that even within the warranty period the following cases are not covered

  1. The customer's handling or usage of the product was inappropriate. The error is the customers fault
  2. Estimated fees, repair fees or associated fees from dealers other than us, or appointed by us
  3. The abnormality is not with the product, but with other products or parts, which could have been avoided if inspected before purchase
  4. The product has been modified
  5. Damage or failure due to accident such as falling during the transportation of the product
  6. Damage or failure due to natural or man-made disasters
  7. The problem could have been avoided by replacing consumable materials
  8. The problem is with compatibility etc. with third-party products
  9. In the same product, the same condition always occurs (characteristic of the product)
  10. The product has been disassembled in a way unauthorized by us
  11. Appearance has altered from the time of purchase (trauma, deformation etc.)
  12. Natural wear and tear, deterioration from normal use
  13. The customer misunderstood the usage, or performance did not match the customers expectations
  14. The product or parts were bought at outlet or had a no returns policy etc.
  15. The owner is not the original purchaser
  16. There is no proof of purchase (receipt etc.) from the company (or dealer)
  17. The specified number of days in the warranty has passed

■ expenses not covered

  1. Product installation/removal costs, labor-related work
  2. Postage
  3. Indirect costs (temporary replacement car fee, communications expenses, temporary disability compensation, operating loss, etc.)
  4. Failure or damage of the vehicle due to the mounting


Warranty valid only in USA and Canada.
If an inspection finds the cause of the failure is due to mishandling of parts, mistake during assembly or setting, other parts etc rather than by a defective product, customer may be required to pay inspection fees.